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Adult Group Classes


Lengthen and strengthen at the ballet barre with an emphasis on core muscles, glutes, arms, and legs. Isometric engagement and graceful ballet movement combine to tone and sculpt the entire body in a way that is easy on joints and highly effective. Each exercise is followed by brief stretching to aid in achieving long, lean, supple muscles. (All levels welcome.)

3-in-1 Yoga

For students looking to deepen their understanding and experience of a regular meditation practice, this yoga class guarantees 10 minutes of meditation every single session. The meditation will be preceded by 5 – 10 minutes of un-rushed pranayama (breathing) practice and a solid 50 minutes of mindful flowing postures sequenced to prepare you for sitting. Come open up your body and experience STILLNESS.  This is an all levels class meant to support the complete beginner as well as the advanced practitioner.

Om-Core Yoga

This dynamic yoga class is for those seeking to improve posture and balance, strengthen and/or heal core muscles, and tap into their center of power. Breath work (pranayama) and postures (asana) are sequenced to increase body awareness, flexibility, and overall core strength. You'll leave feeling centered and strong.


A fluid and invigorating yoga class designed for all levels. Sequencing is built around sun salutations with breath work and postures linked together to create a creative, fun, flowing practice.  Each movement pairs with breath, creating a meditative flow.

Yoga (all levels)

 An ll-levels practice that includes asana (postures), pranayama (breath work), meditation, and lots of opportunities to both love on and strengthen your body and sensitivity.  Each week, the class is created to meet the needs of the people in attendance.  No matter how you arrive, you'll leave feeling grounded, integrated, and restored.

Prenatal Yoga

Geared toward pregnancy, labor, and motherhood. Learn breathing techniques, postures, and meditations that support mind, body, and spirit both during and beyond your pregnancy. Strengthen core muscle groups and find space where you can. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with other moms-to-be and take part in some well-deserved deep relaxation. (All levels, all trimesters.)

Pilates Core

Pilates Movement Principles are performed on the mat using the deep muscles of the “core” with a mind body focus utilizing the breath. This class challenges flow, breath control and coordination and will increase strength, flexibility, balance, and mental clarity. (All levels.)

Pilates Sculpt

A body and mind workout that balances stretching, toning, working on alignment, and core strength. You will develop lean muscles as your body strengthens from the inside out.  

Solstice Fusion

Our Barre-Yoga Fusion is the perfect blend of intensity and flow to move you through the day with a strong body and grounded spirit. Students will cultivate an awareness of their physicality and breath, build new strength and stability through challenging postures and exercises, and find balance and flexibility in the body and mind.  By offering modifications and hands-on assistance (at the student’s discretion), each class is tailored to your needs. Barre-Yoga Fusion is designed for all ages and levels of experience.

Kids' Classes


 Short on time?  Can't find a sitter?  Bring your little ones to the studio with you while you carve out time for yourself!  We incorporate interactive play and social connection.  We read books, play games, color, and play together.  *Pre-registration is required for this class option.

Family Yoga

Kids attend for FREE! Want to do some yoga with your kids? Jen has taught her daughter yoga since birth & her almost 3yr old now does a variety of poses alongside her. She will guide you & your child through poses you can do together, adjusting to teach your child while challenging the adults in some deeper intensity postures! The whole family will reap great benefits. Teach them young & let them have this powerful tool of yoga their whole lives!
*Ages 3-7 yrs preferred *Moms, Dads or Grandparents encouraged to join!

BYOBaby Fit

Designed for postpartum women,  this class will challenge you on all levels combining body weight moves (think squats, lunges & plank variations) with strong focus on legs, glutes & core. Fast paced, high intensity & believe it or not fun! Taught by Jen, a fellow mom, the class can be adjusted along with baby’s needs. Bring your baby to wear them, let them sleep in carrier, or a combination of incorporating them in moves to having them watch you on the yoga mat. You will set such an example for your baby as a strong fit mom! *Pre-Crawlers preferred.

Family Acro Yoga  

Acro Yoga is not new, it is as old as human imagination. Who was the first parent to fly their child on their feet?? That was the day acro yoga was born. Acrobats have grown the practice over the years. In this class,  you will learn the basic roles and a handful of poses to incorporate with your child(ren).   Classes meet the first Saturday of each month and are divided by age groups.  Register for this class under the "workshops" section of Mind Body. *Recommended ages 5+ OR younger with gymnastics/yoga experience



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