How does the babysitting service at Solstice work?
Parents pre-register and pay for their Kids' Club sessions the same way they pay and register for adult classes- online or in the Mind Body app.  We sell single sessions for $8 and packages at a discounted rate. Babysitting sessions begin 15 minutes prior to adult class times, and pre-registration is required for this service.  We do not accept tardy children.  Children must arrive no less than ten minutes before class so that everyone has an opportunity to settle in and our group classes may start on time.  *Ages 6 weeks old and up

Is parking free?
Yes!  Free curbside parking is available on Arizona Avenue all the way down to the dead end.

Do you rent mats?
Yes.  While we recommend having your own personal mat (for sanitary and health reasons) we do have a supply of rental mats in the studio.  The first rental s free, and subsequent rentals are $2.00.

I'm running a few minutes late. May I still come to class?
Yes. We lock the studio door five minutes after class begins.  If you arrive a couple minutes after class has begun, please do so quietly and make sure to check in at the desk after class.  After the five minute mark, clients are not permitted. 

I have an injury, but I still want to come to class.  Is that OK?
Yes!  Arrive a few minutes early and talk to the instructor so that they can help you modify during class when needed.  Also, ask us which class would be best for healing your particular injury.  Some of our teachers also offer privates to help heal injuries.  

How do I schedule a Physical Therapy or private Pilates or RedCord session at the clinic next door?
Please visit our website for the Solstice Clinic details, forms, and the therapists' contact info.  Each therapist at the clinic books her own appointments individually.

Is it safe to take all of your classes during pregnancy?
Yes!  Talk to us about which classes might be the best fit for you individually.  Every class at Solstice is low impact and safe for pregnant women.  Always tell your instructor that you're pregnant so that they can help you avoid crunches and belly down exercises and provide the correct modifications when needed.