At Solstice Clinic + Training Center we provide classical Pilates, RedCord and TRX suspension training.  Workouts are designed to support the range of needs from rehabilitating injuries to pushing the limits of athletic capabilities.  We work closely with our Physical Therapy and Chiropractic team to custom design a workout that is challenging, effective and dynamic.

About Pilates

Pilates, originally called Contrology, is a physical fitness method designed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century.  The Pilates method focuses on a balance of the 4 S’s (stretch, strength, stamina and stability) to produce a healthy, flexible spine and a strong system of core musculature.  Pilates will create a strong foundation from the inside out to support you in all activities of daily life.

About RedCord Suspension Training

RedCord was developed by physical therapists to eliminate pain and movement dysfunction by retraining proper neuromuscular patterns.  The “red cords” are a series of bungees, slings and ropes that are designed to create muscular activation without joint compression.  The level of challenge and support are continuously adjusted to meet your individual needs.  RedCord creates a bridge from pain and dysfunction to optimal fitness and function.  

About TRX Suspension Training

Created by Navy SEALs, TRX Suspension Training is a workout for your entire body. Bodyweight can be used in a variety of multi-planar, compound exercise movements. You are in control of how much you want to challenge yourself on each exercise and can adjust your body position to add or decrease resistance. The TRX helps build core strength and stability, balance, flexibility and increases muscular endurance for all fitness levels and ages. 

About our team

Anne Brendle picture.jpeg

Anne Brendle, MS

Anne has been teaching Pilates for 16 years and has conducted teacher training certification programs and continuing eduction workshops around the U.S. for Power Pilates.  She has been teaching Redcord Suspension Training for 8 years and is also trained as a Russian Kettlebell instructor.  Additionally, Anne is a Clinical Nutritionist and holds a Masters degree in Nutrition and Integrative Health from Maryland University of Integrative Health.  Outside of teaching, she can be found running, indoor rock climbing, taking fitness classes around town and playing with her eight year old daughter who is her ultimate motivator to be healthy!

Jessica Cummo

Jessica holds a Bachelor of Science from Jacksonville State University. She completed her 700-hour Pilates Certification in November 2011 under the instruction of nationally known, second generation instructor, Penelope Wyer-Barrow. Jessica is a member of the Authentic Pilates Union and received her TRX Suspension Training Group Course Certification in October 2011.  She is a mother of two small children and practiced Pilates pre and post-partum to maintain and restore her body.  Because of this, she has a special interest in pelvic floor training.  She is committed to sharing this knowledge with other moms and soon-to-be-moms. 

Christine Sellers pic.jpeg

Christine Sellers

Christine has been teaching Pilates since 2007.  She holds comprehensive certifications in Polestar Pilates, Classical Pilates, pre/postnatal, and is also a Running Form Specialist.  She teaches Russian Kettlebells and enjoys incorporating her many trainings to best help her clients get stronger.  Christine has spent the past six years of her Pilates journey working alongside leading  physical therapists and is familiar with injuries and post-rehab limitations.  She bring enthusiasm and discipline to her work and loves watching clients gain strength.  She's passionate about helping clients find their own strength  and believes that everyone deserves to live their lives feeling their best.  In her spare time, Christine loves to run, take yoga, and spend time with her family.

Caroline2018_0916_140920__DVP-2 (1).jpeg

Caroline Webster

Caroline is a PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher and a Licensed GYROTONIC® Trainer. She received her Pilates certification from the Kane School of Core Integration in New York City in 2003. She completed her Gyrotonic foundation course with Bradley Kreamer in 2008, and certified in 2009. In addition, Caroline's teaching has been shaped by experiences with a variety of ballet and modern dance teachers, choreographers, and other movement instructors. Caroline has pursued additional training and continuing education, including topics such as Pilates for Osteoporosis, Post-Rehab Breast Cancer Exercise, Pre- and Post-natal Fitness, and Pilates for MS and Neurological Conditions. She graduated from SUNY Purchase with a BFA in Dance and holds a MS in Bioscience Technologies from Thomas Jefferson University

Services + Rates

Introductory package (includes Pilates and/or suspension training on apparatus):

3 private sessions | $200

Private session (1 client on apparatus): 

1 session | $85

5 session package | $400 ($80 per session)

10 session package | $770 ($77 per session)

20 session package | $1500 ($75 per session)


Semi-Private session (2 or 3 clients on apparatus): 

1 session | $50

5 session package | $240 ($48 per session)

10 session package | $450 ($45 per session)

20 session package | $840 ($42 per session)


Schedule a session:


Phone: 678.757..4366