Which Option is Right for You?

Our best value is either the Unlimited Membership or 5 Class Membership.  These auto-pay options are recurring monthly payments that allow you to pay once and freely attend classes at your convenience!  The Unlimited includes unlimited babysitting, 15% off retail and workshops year-round, and the perk of bringing two free guests to any class(es) each month.   *auto-pays renew annually, but may be cancelled any time with 30 days notice or at the end of the 12 month period with written notice.  10 class packs expire 90 days after purchase.

Best Deal- Unlimited Membership | $119/mo (includes unlimited babysitting)

Single Class | $20

5 Class Membership | $59/mo

Unlimited Membership | $119/mo (includes unlimited babysitting)

10 Class Pack | $150 (90 day expiration)

Babysitting 5 pack | $38 (90 day exp)

Single Babysitting | $8

*Senior discount (10 Pack $120) available in studio only.

All group classes are held at the 195 Arizona Ave. studio.  Register for and purchase classes on the Schedule Tab or by using the Mind Body App on your smartphone.

Adult Group Classes

Barre Flow

A dynamic and invigorating Barre class incorporating elements of yoga, strength training, dance, and pilates to sculpt and stretch the entire body. Using the ballet barre for support and balance, this low impact targeted class is designed to increase strength and stamina while improving flexibility.  Each exercise is followed by brief stretching to aid in achieving long, lean, supple muscles. (All levels welcome.)

Power Barre

Our highest intensity barre class! Lengthen and strengthen at the ballet barre with an emphasis on core muscles, glutes, arms, and legs. Isometric engagement and graceful ballet movement combine to tone and sculpt the entire body in a way that is easy on joints and highly effective. The barre workout segment of class is followed by stretching to aid in achieving long, lean, supple muscles. (Some barre experience helpful)

Bring Your Baby Yoga + Pilates

Restore core strength and proper posture postpartum. Pilates and yoga are proven as safe and effective ways to help new moms rejuvenate, recondition, and realign the post pregnancy body. Above all, it’s a fantastic opportunity to connect with other mamas and babies. No Pilates experience necessary. Bring: baby blanket, yoga mat

Moms:  at least four weeks postpartum, with care provider's consent or six weeks post-cesarean.  *For moms and pre-crawling babies

Yoga: 3-in-1

For students looking to deepen their understanding and experience of a regular meditation practice, this yoga class guarantees 10 minutes of meditation every single session. The meditation will be preceded by 5 – 10 minutes of un-rushed pranayama (breathing) practice and a solid 50 minutes of mindful flowing postures sequenced to prepare you for sitting. Come open up your body and experience STILLNESS. This is an all levels class meant to support the complete beginner as well as the advanced practitioner.

Yoga: Om-Core

This dynamic yoga class is for those seeking to improve posture and balance, strengthen and/or heal core muscles, and tap into their center of power. Breath work (pranayama) and postures (asana) are sequenced to increase body awareness, flexibility, and overall core strength. You'll leave feeling centered and strong.

Yoga: Vinyasa/Flow

Vinyasa Yoga is a style of practice where movements linked with specific breathing techniques are used to create what the Yogi would call Tapas. Tapas is usually translated into English as 'austerity' or 'discipline' and comes from the Sanskrit root which means 'to burn'. This practice is intended to create an 'inner fire', Agni, that literally burns away impurities in the body and nervous system that prevent the proper functioning of mind, body, and spirit. When impurities have been removed not only do we feel happy and healthy but meditation becomes a joy. Not only does this practice purify us on many levels but many experience weight loss and healing as a result.

Prenatal Yoga

Geared toward pregnancy, labor, and motherhood. Learn breathing techniques, postures, and meditations that support mind, body, and spirit both during and beyond your pregnancy. Strengthen core muscle groups and find space where you can. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with other moms-to-be and take part in some well-deserved deep relaxation. (All levels, all trimesters.)

*for pregnant women 

Pilates Core

Pilates Movement Principles are performed on the mat using the deep muscles of the “core” with a mind body focus utilizing the breath. This class challenges flow, breath control and coordination and will increase strength, flexibility, balance, and mental clarity. (All levels.)

Pilates Mat

This all levels class is designed for those of us who's bodies need some TLC. We will focus on functional movement and positive body awareness, bringing your mind and body to a place of healing. We will stabilize, strengthen and mobilize so that you leave the class feeling longer, lighter and looser!

Kids Classes


Bring your little ones to the studio with you while you carve out time for yourself!  We incorporate interactive play and social connection.  We read books, play games, color, and play together.  

*Pre-registration is required for this class option.  Check-in 15 minutes prior to class times is preferred.  Ages 6 weeks +  Please, no food or drink aside from water and baby bottles.  electronic devices are prohibited.

Family Yoga

Want to do some yoga with your kids? Let us guide you and your child through poses, breath, and meditations you can do together, adjusting to your child's level while challenging the adults in some deeper intensity postures! The whole family benefits from this ancient practice. Teach them young & let them have this powerful tool of yoga their whole lives!

*Ages 3+ preferred *Moms, Dads or Grandparents encouraged to join!