“There is no other place like Solstice!   It's is a unique studio that offers encouragement, guidance, a warm atmosphere, empowerment and a genuine staff.  The instructors aren’t cookie cutter; they really know and practice what they preach.  And the babysitting….WOW!  My kids always loved going to “yoga”.    Little did I know that Solstice would become my second home.  It was a place for me to be me.   After having two children, I had lost what it was like to be an individual.  What Solstice has offered me was a place to find that person again in a healthy way.  The more I practice Yoga and Barre, I find myself getting stronger not only physically but mentally." 


“Audrey Jones has been my PT for almost 15 years.  Why?  She is an expert who gives me her total attention during my session and adapts her healing methods to my limitations and needs. At Solstice her associates in pelvic PT and nutrition whom I’ve consulted have the same strengths.  Solstice cares!”


I’ve taken three classes so far and I am hooked on yoga! Each one has been different, and I’ve enjoyed them all for different reasons. Each of the instructors brought a unique and helpful perspective as well. I’m brand-new to yoga, and I absolutely love the sense of calm and positivity I’ve felt at Solstice. I’m looking forward to trying more yoga classes as well as barre. Thank you so much!!!
— Alana
Love, love, love this place. The first class I went to there, last week, was easily one of the best yoga classes I’ve ever taken in my life. I’m so excited to keep going there for postpartum work, and with my baby as he grows into a toddler! Plus: They have BABYSITTING. Atlanta needs a place like Solstice. I’m so thankful that they’re around. Highly recommended.
— Katy
Solstice is wonderful. Their wide variety of classes and scheduling allows for smaller class sizes giving students a chance to focus on specific needs. As a new mom, Solstice instructors are mindful of my post partum body while keeping the workouts fun and challenging.
— Casey
This studio is the real deal and has been the inspiration behind my recent attitude shift toward placing health and wellness as a priority in my life. I literally walk away from my yoga class each week feeling like I’ve had a work out AND a massage and the owner is so nice. There’s a real sense of community here and I think that is unique. It’s like walking into a Moms health spa every time I enter the studio. Solstice is truly a wonderful, peaceful place.
— Allison
I cannot express just how awesome this studio is, but I’ll try :) First off they are the most welcoming and understanding owners and instructors. The vibe is mellow and communal. You don’t feel like a stranger when you go and are so family friendly. I’ve never had to take my child there on the times that I go (evenings) but the babysitting option is perfect. What a way to empower moms and understand their needs. The yoga for children option is also a big plus. Their drop in options are well priced and their class packages are reasonable. You must try it!
— Jessica
A true gem for moms! Beginners (like me) need not be intimidated...Solstice is for EVERY-body!!!
— Megan
Solstice is a fabulous, welcoming, friendly community. It’s a lovely space in a super convenient location. I love Shonali’s prenatal yoga class (Friday’s at 11:00 am)...My pregnancy so far (I’m nearly 39 weeks) has been pretty easy and pleasant, and I credit t...hat, at least in part, to doing regular prenatal yoga. If I miss a week, I definitely notice a difference in my back, sides, and hips. Shonali’s class (which I’ve been doing almost every week since I was about 13 weeks along) has kept me feeling strong and flexible despite my growing body. It has also helped with my balance as my center of gravity continues to shift. I can’t say enough good things about this class and studio!
— Christi
I loved my first visit to a restorative [yoga] class! Beautiful clean space with high ceilings, beautifully decorated to make you feel calm and at home just walking in the door!
— Katerina